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A college that is a joke. It is for people who aren't independent enough to go to a real college or are too dumb and did not get in anywhere else. Or for athletes who wanted to play college sports but are not good enough so they go play here. It is basically high school, but since there are a few dorms the kids feel like they went away to college. Basically, it is a place for failures. I went to this school and played sports for them and have gone no where because of it.
Mark: Where do you go to school?
Michael: I go to Menlo College
Mark: Where?
Michael: Menlo
Mark: Never heard of it
by AnthonyLAvez February 01, 2011
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Background Information: My neighbor and companion Dave decided to attend Menlo College for a while. Dave expressed his negative feelings about this school, and the name of it, Menlo, with a similar structure to the word Milo became a frequent addition to the vocabulary.

"An expression referring to the College; used to convey disgust, dissatisfaction, or a present, conciliatory state of being. (Long 2)"

Grammatical Usage: Menlo is similar to milo, it does not have any certain meaning and can be used in nearly all situations.
Verb: Let's Menlo to the QFC.
Basic Noun: That looks kind of menlo.
Proper Noun: My college of choice is menlo.
Adjective: That skateboard was menlorific.
To Fill Awkward Silence:
Mother: "Where have you been this afternoon when you were supposed to be working on your essay?
Son: "....Menlo."
To Replace another word: "Please pass the bread and Menlo."
This list could be endless... Menlo could be used in any circumstance especially in place of the word milo.
by Miloria July 07, 2004
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