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Men in Hats is the gripping story of 6 guys who stand around in the desert... talking... sometimes they have breakfast.

It was written by Aaron Farber.

Unfortunately, the last strip was published on the 20th March 2005. It was determined to be too beautiful for this world and discontinued.
Beriah: YARR!!!
Aram: What the hell are you doing?
Beriah: I'm being a pirate! For Halloween!
Aram: Halloween is over, now you're just an asshole with an eyepatch.
Beriah: AND A HOOK!!
Aram: Yes, see if you can hook yourself some dignity.

Moments later.

Beriah: I hooked myself a sandwhich instead! For eating!
Aram: Touché.

An example of the genius of Men in Hats.
by dischord33 June 16, 2009
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