menhels mother or mehnel

known to as loving phones, hugging phones, sleeping beside phones and twice even proposing to a phone (although was rejected both times)

also memz is scribbled in various places around the world so keep a look out,

biggest memz enemy: ramalam (known to some as pud pud ding ding) and fuzil (fraudster taxi service)
i love you memz

I want to give that memz a milkshake

memz hold me close, please
by unkown seedy March 21, 2009
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This is a person or animal that has attained the highest level of stupidity and is very gullible that has little or no worth in life it can be summarised as a natural born fool
Nigga you're so dumb
Why are you a MEMZ
by Certified nigg December 30, 2017
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