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An either ironic or extremely wrong pronunciation of "meme" depending on the context, in similar fashion to the "frageelay" gag in A Christmas Story. Suggests (1.) obliviousness to Internet culture or a bad attempt to fit in. In its more common (2.) ironic usage, it's used to mock mainstream Internet culture, proliferation and exhaustion of memes, and other bad parts of the state of modern memes.
1. A: Look at my nice maymay, there's Doge and Dat Boi in it!
B: Stop trying to fit in with the Internet, you're the CEO of Delta Airlines FFS.

2. Nice maymay m8! (actually it's overused and dated, kys)
alt. 2. Look at this newfag and his beloved maymays. He's not even close to an acceptable memer.
by Egg F1337 January 6, 2017
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A trojan by the hacker Leurak, created for danooct1's Viewer-Made Malware series. Written as a stealth parody of script kiddies. Available on GitHub. Creates a big lightshow consisting of, but not limited to various screen glitches (error icons, color inverting, text reversal, Droste effect), error sounds, random key input, random mouse movement, and embarrassing Google searches with Vinesauce references. Its sole destructive payload is overwriting the MBR with a text message and Nyan Cat animation, which is fixable with a Windows install CD. Available as Clean, which is downloadable directly, has toggles for the payloads and doesn't overwrite the MBR, or as Destructive, which does everything automatically and also launches multiple processes of itself - if any are killed, the rest floods the screen with message boxes and BSODs the computer. There's a spinoff of MEMZ, called VineMEMZ, specifically made for Joel's streams. Also, Destructive needs to be built using Visual C++, Python and x86 assembler, putting a stop to most script kiddies' plans.
Because Joel from Vinesauce ran MEMZ on the Windows 10 Destruction stream, his dumbest fans (no offense to Joel) tend to assume he discovered it, despite him explicitly thanking danooct1. Also, a clickbait-ish video showing off MEMZ and calling it one of the "most dangerous viruses" (MEMZ isn't even a virus, it's a trojan) has over a million views, far more than the 700k on danooct1's video.
A: Bro, I'll run MEMZ on the teacher's computer tomorrow, she'll be pissed!
B: LOL, skiddie, seriously? It'll be so obvious.
A: But when she's not looking, obviously! Her work PC will die!
B: Kek. You've completely missed the joke of it, it makes fun of script kiddies. Do you even have the Destructive variant?
A: Well, I have Clean, how do I download Destructive?
B: You don't, you dumbass, you clone it with Git and build it with... fuck this, you won't learn a thing from this.
A: Wait! I need help! I want to look cool and dangerous, nobody loves me, I have crippling depression, halp...

A: You know about that MEMZ trojan? Fun stuff.
B: Yeah, Joel downloaded it, it's one of the world's worst viruses, and it's pretty dank too. Also, a guy named danooct1 made a video about it, claiming he found it first. Shameless copier.
A: You. Dense. Motherfucker. You're fractally wrong. Did you watch the full stream or pay attention to danooct1's video? Do research. It was given to Joel by danooct1 as the former explicitly stated. In turn, danooct1 got MEMZ from Leurak as part of the Viewer-Made Malware contest, specifically a publicly unavailable prerelease of MEMZ, to show what it does. Also, MEMZ is a trojan and NOT a virus, plus it's cool-looking but not too destructive, get it right.
B: Oh my god. Let me check if you're not joking.
*12 seconds later*
B: Hold up a sec, I need to KMS.
A: It's for the better.
by Egg F1337 March 18, 2017
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A Linux distribution based on Debian Testing, intended for penetration testing. Due to its specific purpose, many security mechanisms in Kali are disabled by default to make the penetration tools, such as aircrack-ng (which is available on most Linux distros in general), perform better and work easily, so it's not a very secure distro and intended to be run from a Live USB or installed alongside other systems and only used occasionally. In spite of this, script kiddies frequently install this distro to look like l33t haxorz.
"I installed Kali on my laptop yesterday, am I cool now?"
"A skiddie is a skiddie, even with a pentesting distro, so git gud, uninstall Kali and go away."
by Egg F1337 January 21, 2018
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Also known as a scorpion dive. A scorpion, in its colloquial usage, stands for a faceplant with very high forward momentum, sending one's legs above the head and, in worse cases, ending in a roll forward or (only on soft materials like gravel and loose dirt) sliding forward on one's chin. Causes high neck pain.
A: Hold my beer y'all, see me do a minute-long nose manual on a motorbike!

12 seconds later... *crash* *screech* *ow*

B: Did that redneck just fall from his motorcycle, land a scorpion on gravel and keep sliding for 6 seconds?
by Egg F1337 September 15, 2016
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1. (common) Stands for "as fuck".
2. (photographic) Short for autofocus. Sometimes combined with other letters, e.g. when talking about camera-side, AF-S is single autofocus (only done the moment you tell it to) and AF-C is continuous autofocus (done constantly between turning it on and off).
1. Dude, calm down, you got no chill and are angry AF!
2. What are you doing, shooting wildlife shots without an AF lens? Unless the animals are tranquilized, but then there's nothing interesting in that.
by Egg F1337 February 18, 2016
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A characteristic, traditional Polish dish similar to ravioli and dumplings. Made of folded pasta bread with a filling, frequently cottage cheese and mashed potatoes (this form is called "pierogi ruskie", lit. "Russian pierogi", which is a non-indicative name as the dish is not from Russia). They can also be made with meat, spinach, wild strawberries and other fillings. Pierogi are served cooked, sometimes cooked and fried, with a topping. The topping can be fried onion, skwarki (Polish form of pork rind, cut up into small dice and deep-fried) or sometimes smetana (sour heavy cream).
Important note: "Pierogies" is a glaring and bad grammatical error, it's a double plural. "Pierogi" is the correct plural and "pieróg" 'pjεrug ("pyeh-roog") is the real singular. Polish people are happy to remind every foreigner who makes this mistake. Also, it's "pierogi", not "pierogie".
A: We'll go to that traditional Polish restaurant for dinner. What do you want from there?
B: I don't know, maybe some pierogi with meat.
A: OK, nice. I'll get some sour rye soup.

A: Waiter, I'd like the kotlet schabowy with mashed potatoes and lettuce.
B: I'd like some pierogies with meat.
A: Excuse me. *turns to B* Hey, "pierogies" is not a word. Singular "pieróg", plural "pierogi".
B: I don't believe you. What's the matter? Isn't the singular spelled "p-i-e-r-o-g-i-e" anyway?
A: Didn't you take a single look at the menu? The plural is "P-I-E-R-O-G-I", without an E at the end! The singular is "pieróg"! P-I-E-R-O acute-G! "Pyeh-roog"! Say it!
B: *shaking* ...pyeh-roog?
A: Good!
B: I... get it. But...
A: But what?
B: Don't you Poles already double-pluralize English loan words? "Chips - chipsy" (chips in the American meaning), "dżins - dżinsy" (jeans)?
A: Oh, I guess you're right. *ashamed.jpg*
by Egg F1337 April 18, 2017
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1. Short for "video".
2. The pronunciation of the name of the Russian TV company ВИD (so stylized, proper Russian is ВИД). Mostly known for their scary mask logo whose one variation is used in the popular V of Doom crossover screamer prank, "ВИD of Doom".
1. That vid was cool, but you probably plagiarized it.
2. No more torrenting from Russian .torrent files. Now my younger sister is going to have nightmares.
by Egg F1337 April 9, 2016
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