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A person who success in the craft of meme making.
"Have you seen that hoe don't do it meme?"

"Whoever heard that in a song and made it viral must have been a proper memester, man!"
by Bradpitiful April 07, 2015
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Some one who knows and observe memes and other forms of the art casually from the sidelines, usually on instagram, facebook, or ifunny. Memesters rank below Memelords and just above normies although it can be hard to distinguish between them.
Memester: have you seen this video on Hoodclips with the bottle flip?
Other Memester: HAHAHAHA dude I love that video!
by DJ.CS December 05, 2016
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People who are obsessed with memes, usually very annoying and typically cannot have a serious conversation with.
Ugh, Jacob is such a memester; I tried to ask him how his hospitalized father was, but he just answered with memes.
by fuzzynoodle November 19, 2016
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One who thrives on popular fads of the moment and constantly seeks the approval of others (sometimes in the calculable form of "Karma") by proving their knowledge and acceptance of these fads.
That memester showed me yet another picture of some grumpy cat on reddit.
by xcviii April 06, 2013
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A person who lives his or her life immersed in popular culture. The opposite of a hipster, the memester embraces and celebrates that which is mainstream. Funky glasses are optional. Derived from the word meme, or unit of culture.
Did you hear that new girl at work talking about the Foul Bachelor Frog? She's such a memester!
by Favorhouse March 31, 2011
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Essentially a meme hipster.

Can be identified by hipster glasses, bright, unconventionally colored hair, and clothing covered in various pins. They spend most of their time on Tumblr and other related websites and rarely go outside. They are likely to only ever talk about various fandoms that they are a part of, for instance they never shut up about Homestuck, Undertale, Nightvale, Sherlock, and so on.
See that girl over there? Looks like she doesn't get out much.

Yeah, she's a memester. Her mind is driven by one thing and one thing only, internet fads.
by Samamamamu April 20, 2016
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The first rank of the memers. Memesters have extremely low knowledge of memes and meme discipline. Memesters are close to being normies, but they're a little bit above that line.
Why is Nick spamming new memes?

Pretty sure he's become a Memester.
by 3_Dogg September 04, 2016
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