No one really knows what getting memed is, but if something happens to you, then you probably just got memed.
This is a word that has terrified millions.
Person 1: *dies*
Person 2: Lol you just got memed
by bobbbbbbcrsformdog June 16, 2017
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If a person,place or any object is used in any meme format , than that person , place or object is said to be memed
Alex made a funny face which was memed
by Iwasmemed August 2, 2020
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When an object, act or quote is turned into a meme.
I do not know why that quote has not been memed yet!
by supavictor3 May 3, 2013
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The act of being insulted by a meme

Usually though a Pepe burn
-You just got Memed bro!

-Dang, apply cold water to Memed area
by Hey Scotty... October 23, 2016
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Scrolling through memes and relating to them at a spiritual level especially when you're bored or your procrastinating something important.
Dude, I'm gonna fail the test. I memed all day yester day isntead of studying.
by Edgytian June 6, 2017
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its not a word, its a lifestyle.
him: hey did you see that dat boi meme? its so funny
me: get out of my house
by just another meme May 17, 2016
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