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A less offensive way to say "Mother F***er"
Used in the A+E channel's edited version of Repo Man.
Guy: "Dude, you are a goof!"
Other Guy: "Flip you, Melon Farmer!"
by Prisoner626 July 22, 2008
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Alternative to the term "Motherfucker". Known to have been used as such during Samuel L. Jackson movies that air on cable television. The ultimate irony is that the lipsinc is a sliver away from perfect.
"Look, all brothers don't know how to shoot a gun, you racist melonfarmer."

-Samuel L. Jackson
Censored version of "Die Hard: With a Vengeance"
by JonnyChops December 19, 2006
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When they cuss on TV, this is the word they substitute for mother-fucker, ALWAYS in a totally different voice.
(high-pitched voice) Shut up, you stupid (low deep voice) melon farmer!
by BFG December 06, 2003
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"motherfucker" euphamism- derived from bad television censoring in which "motherfucker" was substituted with "melonfarmer." Needless to say, the lips didn't quite match up and it became an hysterical in-crowd joke amongst college kids of the 90s.
by Jimini Hendrix September 02, 2003
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A term that would sound derogatory but it really isn't.
Guy 1: Yeah, Frank is such a melon farmer.
Guy 2(who doesn't know what he is talking about): I know right?
by thisnameisalreadybeingusedbyme October 22, 2011
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A female with massive boobs. most likely named Karinne/ Karen
Greg: Karen is such a melon farmer
Max: I know, her melons are huge!

Karinne is the most well known melon farmer in all of Kansas
by estythebesty November 12, 2009
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