A less offensive way to say "Mother F***er"
Used in the A+E channel's edited version of Repo Man.
Guy: "Dude, you are a goof!"
Other Guy: "Flip you, Melon Farmer!"
by Prisoner626 July 23, 2008
When they cuss on TV, this is the word they substitute for mother-fucker, ALWAYS in a totally different voice.
(high-pitched voice) Shut up, you stupid (low deep voice) melon farmer!
by BFG December 6, 2003
Somebody who's great with a gun, especially at getting head shots.
Kyle's a melon farmer, when he leaves a room all you see is brains splattered all over the walls.
by Kabou June 6, 2010
someone whos rubs the boobs of the female partner....if u catch my drift
by Ur MOM November 22, 2003
This was devised by a friend of mine as an insult that did not contain a swear word. This could be used in public places with little more than a frown in your direction.
"You better watch your mouth you giant Melon Farmer"
by Kemikal October 16, 2003
A man who's into women with large breasts.
Damn your GF is hot! Yeah man I love her melons, that's why I'm a melon-farmer!
by Biggerslol August 30, 2010
A term that would sound derogatory but it really isn't.
Guy 1: Yeah, Frank is such a melon farmer.
Guy 2(who doesn't know what he is talking about): I know right?
by thisnameisalreadybeingusedbyme October 22, 2011