She's an extroverted introvert with magical possibilities!

She's fun, vibrant, funny and very cool to hang out with and she's 420 friendly! She has a huge heart for helping people! She does not play games, she's straight up, honest, silly, flirty, respectful and loyal! People often take her kindness for weakness! MelodIE is by no means stupid and you should NEVER underestimate her in a fight!

She has a small circle of ride or die friends because she knows that people are shady and she's tired of trusting the wrong people. So, she just does not DO people any longer!

Melodie with an IE is pretty, delicious, sweet, naughty, freaky, seXy, sensual, romantic and kind!

She's hard to love but she loves hard!

She has a strength that no one knows about and she can handle a whole lot but even she has her limitations.

Melodie is very intelligent, has an outstanding character, has every day common sense, very creative as far as her passion in life goes and she has a very sassy and sexy disposition. She can do anything she sets her mind too! Her personality is down to earth and charismatic. People love to be around her because of her magnetic personality!

She may be a BBW girl but she's gorgeous and people flock around her and they love all her deliciousness because she's unique and genuine! She's for real! Not many of those left in the world so if you find a MelodIE, with an IE, don't ever let her go!
Melodie noticed that the other girls were intimidated by her presence and it made her sad!
by cheLLe1963 August 28, 2020
She's shy at first, yet will open up as you become friendlier. She may have a dark past and doesn't express her feelings well, so be careful with certain topics. She can be a real softie at times, and a badass at others.

She loves making new friends, yet isn't really sociable so she never makes any. She's quite smart, and cool too.

She's unique, in more ways than one. Her name is MelodIE not MelodY. That's pretty cool.
"Man, Melodie is quiet, yeah?"
"Yeah, but she's pretty cool as a friend."
by theflowrqueen March 13, 2017
Shes not a simple Melody, she's is MelodIE. There's only one Melodie in your life time.

She's one of her kind, she's mystical, could be compare to a mermaid, or the exotic girl of your dream. But like the myth, she's hard to be fully understand, and has her own way to apprehend the world.
She's aerial, witty, strong minded, sensible, clumsy, trustful, uncapable of hurting a fly, good to good people. You can't help thinking she's the most beautiful girl you have ever met, her smile and tan will get to you really fast.
She dances like a godness. And she was blessed by the gods. She is a horn of plenty, brings you luck. You picture her, as the dream girl walking on the beach, with her crystal clear laugh and flower necklace.
She's magic, exotic, pure. Although if you lose her trust, she will pull you away, but you will never think of doing anything bad to her.
You can resist anything but the temptation to fall for her, for the exotic dream.
Before her, my world was silent. I want her to be my lady Melodie!
by jazon012 April 15, 2011
the most beutiful girl you will ever meet in the whole wide world and if your with her you are a very lucky guy cause she is everything you could ever ask for another meaning for melodie is perfect she is like an angel there is not a thing that I would change. she is a precious young lady and should be treated like a gueen. her soulmate would do anything for her to keep her happy and keep a smile on her face also her family. Overall she is a very loving person and her soulmate is very passionate for her and would die for her
by caleb8578 January 7, 2019
She isn't Melody, she's Melodie. And you'll be lucky to meet one in your lifetime. She's shy at first but in a gentle and mystical way. You can't help but admire her because of her grace and how she just goes with the flow. She never hesitates and she is one of the bravest people you know. You wish that you were as pretty as her. You could imagine her in a movie, with that laugh that makes you feel warm inside.
by ShootHoops19 March 17, 2020
Melody. Seems graceful, like a violin, but no, she's the whole-ass orchestra. After knowing her for more than 10 minutes, or even 10 years, you can tell she's anything but the things listed before. Melody is spontaneous. She is dramatic. She is crazy as hell. After meeting a Melody, be prepared to gain a couple gray hairs worrying about what she'll do next. She has phases. Phases that are weird and beyond your comprehension. Phases that once you start understanding them, it's too late because she's already moved on to the next. Melody keeps you on your toes, but she also grounds you. Melody is the type of person to show you what you've been missing, but also reminds you of what you have. After knowing Melody, you can't imagine a life without her, because life without her wouldn't be as great. To all the Melody's out there, thank you for bringing music into our lives.
-"Wow, do you know that girl Melody? She's so quiet!"
- "What? No way. We probably aren't talking about the same Melody I know."
by nanini09 September 3, 2019