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Shes not a simple Melody, she's is MelodIE. There's only one Melodie in your life time.

She's one of her kind, she's mystical, could be compare to a mermaid, or the exotic girl of your dream. But like the myth, she's hard to be fully understand, and has her own way to apprehend the world.
She's aerial, witty, strong minded, sensible, clumsy, trustful, uncapable of hurting a fly, good to good people. You can't help thinking she's the most beautiful girl you have ever met, her smile and tan will get to you really fast.
She dances like a godness. And she was blessed by the gods. She is a horn of plenty, brings you luck. You picture her, as the dream girl walking on the beach, with her crystal clear laugh and flower necklace.
She's magic, exotic, pure. Although if you lose her trust, she will pull you away, but you will never think of doing anything bad to her.
You can resist anything but the temptation to fall for her, for the exotic dream.
Before her, my world was silent. I want her to be my lady Melodie!
by jazon012 April 15, 2011
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melodie is the coolest name spelled with an "ie". shes awsome and cool and has great tsate in everything. she speaks her mind and loves her friends. she loves to walk around outside and make a fool of herself. she seems shy at first but will open up. she dosent know how to express her feeling well so she hides them. good luck getting her to trust you.
Look at melodie making a fool of herself...again
by Karley Smith May 18, 2009
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She's shy at first, yet will open up as you become friendlier. She may have a dark past and doesn't express her feelings well, so be careful with certain topics. She can be a real softie at times, and a badass at others.

She loves making new friends, yet isn't really sociable so she never makes any. She's quite smart, and cool too.

She's unique, in more ways than one. Her name is MelodIE not MelodY. That's pretty cool.
"Man, Melodie is quiet, yeah?"
"Yeah, but she's pretty cool as a friend."
by theflowrqueen March 13, 2017
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The most awesome and coolest Melodie that is spelled with an I and an E. Not some fake uncool Melodi that does not end with an E. Also the bestest friend. Melle for short.
by brentie February 23, 2005
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the most beutiful girl you will ever meet in the whole wide world and if your with her you are a very lucky guy cause she is everything you could ever ask for another meaning for melodie is perfect she is like an angel there is not a thing that I would change. she is a precious young lady and should be treated like a gueen. her soulmate would do anything for her to keep her happy and keep a smile on her face also her family. Overall she is a very loving person and her soulmate is very passionate for her and would die for her
by caleb8578 January 06, 2019
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A woman with a pancake booty and pancake nipples. A rare body type exists in these females. They are flabby and loaded with extra fat, while still maintaining flat 'womanly' features. Known for being extremely annoying and for having extended ovulation periods. Also known as 'The Whore of the Lands'.
I would never date that bitch over there... she's a total Mélodie.
by EternalSexGod July 28, 2013
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