Melody is one of the cutest girls you will ever know. She is super shy and awkward but when you get to know her it ends up being one of the amazing features about her. She tries her best to be friends with everybody even when she shouldn't. She loves so many different animals especially the ones you don't normally think of when you think of pets. She loves to dye her hair all the time and has an amazing body. She loves to cuddle and sleep an over amount. She's a very good listener and will listen and try her best to help you with everything even if it doesn't help her at all. She will go the full way to try and get what she wants. She genuinely cares for people, and wants everyone to care for her back. She loves attention but doesn't want to be the center of attention because she's shy. Melody is that girl you'll fall in love with and try to hint at it whenever you talk or hang out.
"Bro I need some love and attention

"Sounds like you need a melody"
by Mrsolodolo123 July 17, 2018
the coolest most beautiful girl in the world. She gets like almost every single guy in the world, and knows how to do it too! she is sexy, and has the best style ever. Her name is music to every guys ears. She is practically friends with everyone and hates or dislikes no one. She is gorgeous inside and out, and has the most beautiful hair. She has a great family and lots of friends who all love her so much!

Melody is basically living a wonderful life!
Melody is so pretty, i wish i was like her!!
by ihavenolife2222 June 1, 2009
The daughter of Ariel and Eric in The Little Mermaid II movie.
A high wall kept Melody from going into the sea.
by Inhandra August 13, 2011
The most awesome and coolest Melodie that is spelled with an I and an E. Not some fake uncool Melodi that does not end with an E. Also the bestest friend. Melle for short.
by brentie February 23, 2005
hahah! spelled with an "i". the best friend a girl could have. always a good time with her. a pretty and slim, tall girl with a great personality. shes always there for you if you need her. shell make sure you arent sad.
dude 1: see that girl? shes so great!

dude 2: shes a melodi isnt she?
by xXv0guishXx June 19, 2009
Melody is a great friend. She can be worrisome at times, but this is because she really cares about you! Melody is definitely a nerd. Even so,

Melody is great company to have around. Melody also loves games. She will play with you for hours at a time. Melody does not care much for dating. So if you happen to be picked up by her, keep her happy, and make her feel loved. She loves animals. All of them. She prefers fantasy, or love stories, but she loves to read everything. She also can draw, but will not admit it to savw her life. Melody is just a straight up amazing person. To finish, Melody is everthing anyone could want in a friend. I know she is for me.
Me: "God you're awesome Melody!"
by Kenzlyn November 25, 2018