a shy and quiet girl but the best friend anyone could want. she’s the best advice giver and she can always cheer you up. she’s so pretty and smart but doesn’t believe she’s beautiful on the inside and out. she’s a pure girl which makes her a better friend. she’ll help with drama even if she has some of her own and she’s always down to prank.
girl 1: my best friend is the best person ever
girl 2: yea she’s legit perfect
girl 3: you must be talking about melody
by gamer.girl101 April 22, 2020
Perfection, the Melody to which my heart beats to, and my reason for living
The melody is that of a song of love
by nosebleed7 August 21, 2014
Beautiful lady with a gorgeous smile. Delightful in many, many ways. A Melody loves dogs and furry pets. She is talented, faithful, respectable and smart. Melody's has a sweet, warm personality even though it is not always apparent. Though sometimes a little stubborn and opinionated, she is known to be one that thinks through thoroughly before making a decision. She can sing well but never sings enough.
Young Girl:"Petting a Melody is like petting a bunny"

Bard:"Someone give that Melody a carrot"
by Geraltofrivia7424 May 17, 2018
A person with a mixture of crazy and class
I miss my ex, she was a melody.
by Piece of eights August 17, 2021
She can be very beautiful with makeup or without it, she tends to have long, brown hair although she will have dyed it a few times in her life. Her personality is bubbly, she loves to have a laugh and can make anyone smile even when they're feeling at their worse. She loves to wear shorts/leggings and floral print tops. She can only fall in love once with someone who is not even nearly up to her standards, she can be very shy but once you get to know her she will come right out and surprise you. She loves animals and doesn't mind school, she can be very mouthy because she hates keeping things to herself. But overal she is a wonderful and amazing girl. Any guy would be lucky to be with her. We love you Melody!
by valentine'rose,xxx May 31, 2011
A beautiful girl that is fun, funny, and loves to party. If you ever meet her and hurt her she will beat you like a piniata. She might be short but is a clumsy tough ninja! She usually has brown or blonde hair, with green or blue eyes. She also has a great ass, and body, if you were wondering. Melody will be a great catch don't let her go.
Did you see that girl?
You mean melody?
Yeah, she sexy as hell
by Creepy Clown November 10, 2015
melodie is the coolest name spelled with an "ie". shes awsome and cool and has great tsate in everything. she speaks her mind and loves her friends. she loves to walk around outside and make a fool of herself. she seems shy at first but will open up. she dosent know how to express her feeling well so she hides them. good luck getting her to trust you.
Look at melodie making a fool of herself...again
by Karley Smith May 19, 2009