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Alyssa is a dreamy yet down to earth girl. You'd think that's impossible, but that's what she is.

Alyssa is the girl you'd want to be your best friend. She's outgoing and funny, and she always puts others first. When she wants something, she never says it. She either buys it for herself, or lives with out it. She's always modest and she's willing to do anything you ask of her.

Alyssa is the most beautiful girl, she has the grace of an angel and she almost seems like one herself. She is sometimes mystical and almost like a legend. She is a great listener and will always be there for you.

Cherish her if you have one.
"She's like an angel!"

"Yep that's Alyssa for you!"
by ShootHoops19 March 18, 2020
Eva is that girl who is so smart. Not like a nerd, but with intelligence that seems to be mystical. She is the most beautiful person ever, and you wish you were her. She is always positive and she has the best smile that warms you up. Eva is the most mature person you know, but yet she is also your best friend, she is kind and funny, and she is so loyal to everything.

If you have an Eva in your life KEEP HER AND NEVER LET HER GO.
Is that Eva?


She's so beautiful!

I know, she always is!
by ShootHoops19 March 17, 2020
An totally awesome person!

She's always smiling, and she tries so hard to please everyone. She's sophisticated, and she loves social media, but she never pushes aside her family and friends for it. Olivia is great at planning events and parties and is one of the most organized people you know. She is also the most beautiful girl, she has the most mesmerizing eyes always with a sparkle as if she's ready for an adventure.

Olivia is also very adventurous, she's sometimes restless and wishes she were on a great adventure.

Olivia is also a great listener, she is always patient no matter what, and she loves dearly who shows her kindness, but do be aware, if you get on her bad side, she can be cruel if it means protecting what's important to her.

She is a beautiful girl with a beautiful body, and she's adorable.
Olivia loves creamy peanut butter and she loves being comfy.
Olivia is an awesome friend and she cherishes everything that is given to her. She is the most trustworthy person you know.

She is so talented at everything, she's artsy, and sporty, and graceful. She's always modest, but everyone admires her beauty and talent. She is so popular, though she doesn't know it.

If you know an Olivia cherish her, and never let her go!
Eva, "That's Olivia!"
Mia, "I know! She's my mom's cousin's brother's wife's daughter's best friend's sister's teacher's cousin's brother's daughter!!!
Eva, "I wish I was related to her!"
by ShootHoops19 March 17, 2020
She's the best friend. She'll always make you smile, and she's so optimistic. She's also beautiful and graceful. She seems to glide through life. She has the best laugh that is always contagious, and she is always loyal. She is the perfect girl.
I wish I were more like Darby.
by ShootHoops19 March 19, 2020
She isn't Melody, she's Melodie. And you'll be lucky to meet one in your lifetime. She's shy at first but in a gentle and mystical way. You can't help but admire her because of her grace and how she just goes with the flow. She never hesitates and she is one of the bravest people you know. You wish that you were as pretty as her. You could imagine her in a movie, with that laugh that makes you feel warm inside.
by ShootHoops19 March 17, 2020