Melatonin tablets, a natural vitamin to help put your restless ass to sleep, a parents must have
Damn i need a melly, pass me some mellies.
Mellies hell yeah!! Fuck these kids mannnn
by Ggalibear April 3, 2019
Short for Melanzana, an outdoor clothing company based in Leadville, Colorado. Jackets will often be nicknamed “Mellys,” and are extremely popular in the outdoor community. Because they can only be bought in person, Mellys are very exclusive and high demand, and owning one is almost a right of passage into the community.
Hey, that’s a nice Melly!”
by SincerelyMoony December 10, 2021
Mafia Boss Chak: That nigga has really been pissing me off lately
Mafia Hitman: Let's melly that nigga Boss
Mafia Boss Chak: Grab the AK's
by NigerianBossman March 1, 2019
The most beautiful woman ever. Such pretty eyes. Such great personality. Such a cute titties. 🥰🥰
You see Melly over there? Looking fine as fuckk bro.
by Coopthescoop June 13, 2019