He who has a large penis rides bikes and fucks bitches
Damn Chak back at it again with the dangling dong!
by Me.biggz55 April 17, 2016
- Showoff

- Someone who thinks they are all that

- Big head
"Look Max! I can already see that u can do a flip on your bike, god your such a chak sometimes!"
by BageeBrad May 14, 2009
a character in mythology, commonly thought of for the reason it rains
Damn, Chak sure made it rain.
by bababuiii June 10, 2007
The chin folds on Thanos’s chin.

Aka a chin nut sack.
“dude check out his fucken chakidfk how to ise that in a sentence wtf
by kore_9136 August 12, 2021
Nepali word for one's butt/ass.
Tyo keti ko chak katro thulo ho muji. (That girl's ass is so big)
by Kaaji69 January 14, 2022
verb - an act of insult or sexuality

See also: Chakkin' Chakker
I swear to gd, I'll chak you up the ass if you dont shut up!
by Baruchhhh February 7, 2007
Chack, verb.

1. To strike, act carelessly, wastefully or foolishly.

2. To be in an undesirable position.
Ex. 1: Don’t chak him in the thumb.

Ex. 2: I’m chakked.
by Therawyn December 11, 2009