A super-hot, buxom woman. Usually goes on webcam to tease the hell out of everyone. Loves the McNasty.
Oh shit! Melly's Live!
Did you see when Melly was drunk?
by Jude McNasty January 23, 2010
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An edgy bitch that plays video games 24/7. However, if you get to know her, she is very kind and loving. She has a lot of haters who think she's weird and annoying, but she doesn't let it bother her.
Nicole: Eww Melly is so weird
Michelle: You just don'y know her, she's amazing
by Melly_Mouse_ September 13, 2018
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Chenese, derived from melancholy

1. (n) the nickname of a stuffed dog whose sad facial expression inspired his title
2. (n) the act of strategically retracting a gift, unbeknownst to its original recipient
3. (v) to perform the act explained above
“Aw, he looks sad. Let’s name him Melly to make amends.”
“Wow, this is a fine stuffed dog! I must conspire to pull a melly!”
"I despise those people who give gifts and melly them back!"
by dottychen November 16, 2004
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a new age way of replacing the negative word “nigga” and having a word everyone can say that comes from light and not evil. MELLY is short for melanin, and is ok for everyone of every race to say.
“MY MELLY”wait to you hear that new mixtape that dropped.

“Mellys” in Paris.

“MELLY please”
“chilllllll my MELLY chilllllll”
by KNICE November 02, 2017
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