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Reinhardt: "Mei, fuck you."
Mei: "What did I do?"
Reinhardt: "You built a fucking wall in front of the payload. Now it can't move."
Mei: "I don't care."
Mikestion: "Of course you don't, Satan."
Mei: "???"
by infothing March 20, 2017
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Japanese word that means flower. It can be used as a surname
"My name is Mei, it means flower"
by MeiVerona September 21, 2009
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Prefix in sentences typically used by Italian-Americans.
"Me I wanna go eat a big canoli"
"Me I bro"
"Me I wanna chop that broad over there"
"Me I'm Luigi"
by eric spanooooo June 07, 2006
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The most hated character in Overwatch. It's so fun to hate her, but you mei just love the puns.
*gets killed* "DARNIT MEI"
by TheGiggityAtheistDude June 05, 2017
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