Reinhardt is a Germanic name meaning strong, brave, or hardy counsel. Reinhardts are amazing, wonderful, sensitive men. Very handsome. A bit vein about their looks, but most are secretly insecure. They have gorgeous eyes and awesome music taste. They generally have great personalities but sadly tend to keep a lot of it hidden. Reinhardt is a hard name to spell. But it's German and sexy so it can be forgiven for being hard to spell. This name should never be shortened because it is an amazing name. If you catch a Reinhardt never let it go, if he is not perfectly awesome it is only because he is keeping so much of himself locked away. They can progress from shy men who hold themselves back and are ok in bed, to fucking animals that rock your fucking world. They can be really stupid sometimes, but all men can be. Pronounced "rind"+"heart" Reinhardt.
Lucky Girl: "Oh god, I got my world rocked so hard last night."
Lucky Girl's Friend: ''Lemme guess, Reinhardt?"

Random Person: "He's so sensitive, and he's just got so much personality. It's a shame that he hides it"
Other Random Person: "Must be a Reinhardt."

Exceptional Individual: "I feel like there's just so much more to him, he could be so great, but he doesn't let it out."
Stoner: "Dude, you totally just described a Reinhardt, dude."
by Lillian Marie December 16, 2013
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Your sheild
Reinhardt: I am your sheild
by Big daddy chungus January 9, 2019
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Comes from the German word "Rhinehardticus", which means manly. Sometimes used by men to lure them in a manner of which to court them, Reinhardt is a name only legends can carry without being crushed under the pressures of even the most sickly and horrendous of societies. In Africa, Reinhardt means, "tah toh toh tah", which in english, means, "One who is welcome with arms wide open unto anywhere he goes, and if he slaps you in the face, if it's a Reinhardt, you should take it as a complement, for he is "The" man amongst all mortal men." Do not take this name without serious thought, for as the good book says, "He who has great skillz and is a ladies man, must be a Reinhardt".
Body Guard to the President: "Hey, who is that?..."
Barack Obama: "That is a Reinhardt you english pig dog!"
Body Guard: "Oh, I did not realize, please punish me for my ignorance, black man who thought he could be the President because he can hit a jump shot."

Girl: "Damn, he's good lookin'.."
Girl 2: "Yea, but don't look in that Reinhardt's eyes, or you be mesmarized. Damn...he be sizzlin'"
by Rawhide Reinhardt Jr. ish February 4, 2011
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A college in Georgia. The school was named after Augustus M. Reinhardt, so I guess it's a last name too. Reinhardt means "hardy counsel."
"I went to Reinhardt."
by Random Scholar December 18, 2013
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To wank so hard, you soil yourself during ejaculation.
Last night I Reinhardted myself.
by Gmanyuck October 6, 2011
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When a basketball player becomes delusional and thinks they should be playing a position that they're not suited to play.
Katin Reinhardt, a sufferer of Reinhardtitis, thinks he should be playing point guard and not shooting guard.
by ph90702 May 28, 2013
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Used to identify a player in a multiplayer video game who primarily uses melee weapons, such as a sword or hammer, and runs into the enemy players with the intent of killing them, regardless of their amount of health, current position, or current distance.
This act usually gets the "Reinhardt Syndrome" player eventually killed. However, they never learn from this mistake and continue to run into the enemy team again and again.

One popular game, known as Overwatch, is known for its abundance of "Reinhardt Syndrome" players. In the game, a character named Reinhardt is equipped with only a hammer and shield. Hence the name "Reinhardt Syndrome".
Our teammate just ran in with that stupid hammer and died, so he must have Reinhardt Syndrome.
by RelayFN December 6, 2022
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