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Sunshine in Persian. This person is the dopest, prettiest individual out there. Everything about her is just insanely AMAZING. If you ever meet a Mehrin in your life, cherish her to death. She is the sexiest, hottest, prettiest, smartest, funniest girl to ever bless this earth. PERFECTION.
Person 1: hey, do you see that awesome human being walking towards us?
Person 2: omg yes, that's Mehrin! *faints*
by Ash's hoe August 15, 2018
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A low-key god at fortnite that is very pretty. She is caring but has very bad pickup lines.

She brightens your day and is a great person to be around
1. Wow I wish I was a Mehrin!
by Fortnut_Legxnd November 16, 2018
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1. A Persian word defined as "the morning sun."
2. vibrant, sunny, cheerful
The mehrin this morning was magnificent
by jojopop October 09, 2008
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Mehrin is the most bubbly girl you’ll ever meet. She’s not only bubbly but she gets a little obnoxious at times. Regardless she has a sense of style and always wear her iconic scent around that smells amazing. She also has very nice features and overall she has an amazing body. She’s smart and never fails to cheer her friends up. She’s loves to dance and party and she never stops going out despite having work. She can get very annoying too and annoyingly cute too
by Cutiejsheis August 27, 2019
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