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To meep: to take an idea or style from someone else and make it worse than the original, often having negative effects on that idea or style in general.
"The Little Panda Fighter meeped Kung Fu Panda."
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by wendigogris December 07, 2017
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Trashed, destroyed, zonked, wasted. Usually as the result of ingesting ill-advised substances.
Word entered usage as consequence of backstage graffito "Drugs, drugs, loads of drugs, more drugs, huge amounts of drugs, tons of drugs, even more drugs, huge quantities of drugs...except Largactil which makes me go meep" spotted somewhere in the Glasgow area in late 70's. See also 'meep' defintion someone in there knows what it means.
"Steven necked three pink pyramids and was so meeped he just sat and giggled for ten hours..."
by dr dog January 27, 2007
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When you are so wasted/high that you are left speechless and dumbfounded. Symptoms include: sleepyness, general contentment, and couchlock.
Remember last night man? I was so meeped i didn't even know what to think.
by wiggidywoggidyweenie November 01, 2009
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