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Means that cheap talk will get you nowhere, while money will
persuade people to do as you like.
Money talks, bullshit walks, that is how life goes.
by J. Malik May 19, 2006

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A person who is laughable and detestable at the same time.Usually
pretends to be a know-it-all,often
enhancing their stories,knowledge,
experience,and every thing in between
with pure bullshit.
1-I can't help but laugh at the
assclownishness of Johnny's story.
I wanted to kick him in the teeth
but couldn't because i was laughing
so hard at him.

2-Every time I say something,my assclown co-worker butts-in with
his "similar experience" or "knowledge"
of the subject.
by J. Malik August 28, 2005

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The insane asylum, nuthouse, padded palace. Where you go if you do something crazy.
He was just sent to the funny farm because he was defecating in public while proclaiming the end was near.
by J. Malik March 01, 2006

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An activity that usually involves two people who dispute their superiority to the other. This is accomplished by the recitation of individual skills, exploits and accomplishments whose merit is questionable at best. Also, the purpose of discussing said activities serves no purpose but to prove superiority to the other.
Jack and John debated for 3 hours who had the most money, girlfriends, best car, etc. It was really just a dick waving contest that made me sick.
by J. Malik April 14, 2006

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A term originally created by a sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT Team. Designed as a reminder that in fact you only have "one ass to risk"(1 as-te-risk), so you'd better be careful.
Don't get yourself shot tonight, you only have 1* and a whole life ahead of you.
by J. Malik October 16, 2005

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Slang term for military prison.
Private Dick was trown in the brig for three years for shitting on the White House lawn.
by J. Malik March 19, 2006

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Another term for a scam artist
The matchstick man cheated the poor, old schmuck out of
50.000 dollars.
by J. Malik January 01, 2006

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