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Street term for marijuana cigarette. Originated in eastern Canada to change the world as we know it.
Pass the meeg to the left hand side.

Hey Stanley, think you could roll us a king-size meeg before we watch 'Rejected Cartoons'?

I smoke two meegs in the morning.
I smoke two meegs at night.
I smoke two meegs in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright
I smoke two meegs in time of peace, and two in time of war
I smoke two meegs before I smoke two meegs,
and then I smoke two more.
by Chitoriatt January 25, 2009
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its another word for "thats gay" or if someone does something really stupid u just say "meeg"
Frank: i went to a harry potter party
Kelly: MEEG
by kelly madigan July 25, 2005
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a rare jungle disease extracted by monkeys. Once your infected grow hot pink pubs on your face.

"THERES PEOPLE ON THE STREET GETTIN DISEASES FROM MONKEYS...YA THATS WHAT I SAID THERE GETTIN DISEASES FROM theres junkys with monkeys diseas whos touching these monkeys..PUH-LEASE leave these POOR SICK monkeys alone they have problems enough as it IS!"
Sick you have MEEGS! Stop touching monkeys you perv...
by taylor dongogin December 23, 2007
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Miguel Rascon, Guitarist of coal chamber. My sexyass bitch:)
Meegs is the sexiest guy alive, he makes me want to use hadcuffs n whips on him.
by somethingtoldmetotellyou July 05, 2003
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