San diego slang for bad weed originated at Point Loma high.

It Just means marijuana of bad quality
"Man meck gives me the worst cotton mouth"

"hey man you want a gram of chron of a eighth of meck"

"Gimme the chron chron nigga"
by Jeffiscorey March 6, 2009
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1. The simultaneous feeling of indifference and disgust.
2. To have a feeling of indifference towards a person, place, thing or idea and have an action or event involving said thing cause a feeling of disgust.
The chunks of salt in my drink was so mecky!

Bob: "The smell of that dank turns me on so much."
Bill: "Meck!"
by thumper63 October 20, 2011
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We should always worship meck he is god la'gusto
by Meckl0l July 6, 2011
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To get a hand job
Bro, your mom was just mecking me while you were in the shower!
by MisterFister December 21, 2012
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A mating call produced by men of a certain attractive caliber.
by The Love Doctor Rohrer September 26, 2010
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Spainsh for sperm: English synonyn for jizz (sperm);used to describe when a person is way to excited and won't shut up about a subject; synonym for dumbshit
"He mecked all over the bathroom." "Whatever, you mecker." "She was mecking about it." Quit your damn mecking." " We are mecking on this website"
by Juanny Mendez July 30, 2006
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noun. Crappy or not very good weed(marijuana) typically from Mexico.
Dude i dont want that meck, i want some of that chronic.
by kilIa cali December 24, 2007
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