Extremely awesome or chronic. A word often used by stoners to refer to marijuana.
"Dude! Your face is sooo chron!"

"This blunt is super chron!"

"These pancakes are the chron."
by izekial&raja May 8, 2009
Literally "the time" Something that is worth remembering, great, or exempliary. Related to chronicle.
Did you see the picture I took? It's the chron.
by Lily Beyer August 13, 2006
1. Bomb weed. A variation of chronic
Dude, let's get some chron-chron and get totally wasted.
by Brain (the real one) December 1, 2004
1. affectionate term for chronic or weed
Damn, id kill for a bag of chron chron right now
by ABJ March 21, 2005
1. Something uber fucking good.
2. Something tasty.
Cigarettes and milk are chron chron for sure
by KBishigh July 23, 2007
Aside from describing highly potent marijuana, used as an adjective by stoners to describe something that is really good, particularly describing delicious food.
Dude, that crunch wrap I got from Taco Bell was sooooooo chron.

I'm about to go home and grub some chron dankness.
by KETTELLS December 4, 2007
High grade, hydroponic Marijuana. Light and fluffy with dense trichrome formations. A rich aroma accompanies this kind of bud.
Damn, this homeboy of mine busted out this dank ass chron. We got all fucked up.
by Capt_Doobie May 24, 2003