A woman who has excess skin on her vagina making her lips hang longer.
Hey Sean have you seen Kristys meat bags?

In gym class you can see Nicole meat bags hanging.
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A derogatorily name for humans or other biological beings used by non-biological beings (i.e. robots)
"would you stifle it meat bag?"
by Metalord September 22, 2009
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An immortal adjective coined by the fictional droid HK-47 in the Star Wars universe.

The adjective came into useage after the droid referred to an apprentice of Darth Revan as such. Finding it highly amusing, the Dark Lord permanently programmed it into the droid, providing a basis for many comical lines throughout the game.

The word is meant to be used derogatorily. It should be kept in mind that this word is restricted to robotic verbage, and the effect, when uttered by a human, is negated to the point of "nerdiness".

The term "meat-bag" means one who is composed of organic parts. The implication being that, as sensitive and fragile organic beings, we cannot simply exchange our entire inner-workings easily, nor preserve them until rust consumes them.
"Master, let me kill the insolent meat-bag; why, this conveniently placed screwdriver could easily puncture his vitals in less than a milliclick . . ."
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A term used by a phsyco robot in Knights of the Old Republic for the X-Box, refering to human beings
by SmurfMP514 December 7, 2004
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A slow moving, corpse-like human ('zombie'), often to be found in malls and shopping centres. Example comment: 'Are you serving?'; 'What it is is, like, y'know'
'The doors are open for trade, here comes a meat bag'.
by apotetic August 19, 2006
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Judy has a fine set of meat bags. I'd love to suck them.
by hughmonger October 31, 2003
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I dropped my knife and almost cut off my meat bag
by spltbird November 25, 2002
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