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Before I jumped into the sack with my hooker, I made sure I put on a meat bag.
by B-rad-izzle February 28, 2010
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wow meat bag, you look like youve been the meat bag all day
by daveo the drugo August 28, 2003
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A narcissist or sociopath when their mask is cracked or they are at home, out of the public eye and not show boating their false persona. It is at these times when they are not in public view that they let down their guard, are devoid of ANY emotion and their voice becomes monotone. They are referred to as meatbags to highlight their lack of human traits. Without a conscience (super ego) and unable to experience empathy, they are incomplete people who are monotone meat bags devoid of anything human.
At the party Fred was charming, engaging and delightful to the guests.
After the party, Fred returned to his home with his family and reassumed his position of monotone meat bag. He locked himself in his bedroom with his devices after leaving the young toddlers and their bags at the door with the mother. He did not bother to grumble goodnight before tucking into a selection of pornography and video games on his ipad. He locked his door and ignored the children's bedtime routine. The charming prince at the party was only an illusion. His monotone meat bag self resurfaced the moment he was out of public view and surrounded by family in his home.
by Narcbuster December 30, 2017
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I went out with my meat bag last night and saw a movie
by Anonymous July 25, 2003
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The things... OUTSIDE
They appear to NOT be allergic to the sun
1337snipr42: hey, did anybody see any fleshy meat bags today?
by Lyrite July 6, 2014
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You yell this at your girl while you guys are fucking.
Dug- The liquid in my meat bag is about to explode!

Teresa- Oh yes baby, let it go!!!
by MamaTitty December 1, 2016
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the act of sticking your feet into a girl's vagina, causing it to split, and then sliding in until your head is the only thing sticking out
after finishing in her, i turned in for the night by meat sleeping bagging her.
by thefudgemaster December 31, 2014
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