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To be shot multiple times. Interchangable with the term swiss cheesed.
example 1

person 1: you heard? Steve Mcnair got shot up by his crazy ass bitch on the side. Straight up Swiss Cheesed.

Person 2: I suppose you could say he got "McNaired."

example 2

New York City, 1999, Police "McNaired" a young Amadou Diallo.
by tgoodman August 02, 2009
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Mcnaired is when your jump off gives the signals that he or she is capable of killing you. Used as a precautionary statement that is really saying: Listen, I think you need to end that relationship before you get McNaired....
Me: Damn, my jumpoff has been texting me all day...I just don't answer.

You: Okay man, don't get better handle that....
by supadax July 06, 2009
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