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A caluclated player who uses his good looks to use women. It is said that its eyes can hypnotize.
That guy just went through that lady's purse while his friend was flirting with her. What a bunch of Diallos.
by evil nick July 20, 2009
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Someone who has peer pressure but can also make decisions on their own if they just believe in themselves. They hide their feelings and think it's a sign of strength. They are not patient with love and believe that playing girls is a better way. They have been hurt before but what they don't know is that when they find the right girl they fall in love with the girl when she talks to them in a harsh way because they believe all girls should bow to their hot looks and body. They are great people and sometimes they think they are addicted to drug but they are not they are addicted to the feeling of feeling among . All they need for a better life Is for them to take things and people seriously and fight for the right girl and stay with the right people. Sometimes their ideal girl are dark skinned and thick girls and also smart girls. Diallo is a fun and lively person but just needs the right people.
Diallo has a great body and is a great guy but I can't date him cuz he doesn't take things seriously
by Babe baby boy flawless November 12, 2017
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