An object or person in a movie that has no use other than to drive the narrative forward. originally coined by alfred hitchcock.
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A phrase used in detective stories to describe the one vital clue that causes the whole plot to fall in to place.

"I couldn't figure it out...until I saw the tube of toothpaste."
by The Truth October 21, 2003
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A burger from Amazing World of Gumball that means Stupid Mushroom

I made this to tell my brother I was right
I present to you, the McGuffin
by Pudding.qq_ November 27, 2021
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When a female wears a pair of colored leggings and their crotch sweats and the wet spot seeps through the leggings and is visible to everyone
My crotch was feeling sweaty and pilates and I looked down and I had a Mcguffin in my light blue leggings
by Dirtydentist September 21, 2022
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A word discovered in the 17th century by viking hoarders. The literal translation refers to a tangible something that is the same or shares similar qualities with another.
mcguffin, homes.
by zoobinthe3rd April 20, 2011
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A mcguffin is an extremely obese, gravy guzzling racist bastard.
That fat fuck mcguffin fired another black person today. Big surprise. He had to stop to take deep breaths in between each word. He almost passed out from high blood sugar.
by Dienaziscum August 13, 2020
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A faggot little shit head who bangs parrots, jokes are as funny as my dad leaving me and got saltier than the pacific when he caught me banging his pug
Adan Mcguffin is gayyyyyyy
by Lol I eated a peepee January 18, 2019
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