Maybe and perhaps together bc it’s just better
Should I go cliff jumping... mayhaps if I could swim and had a hot bod.
by ghurlll July 9, 2019
Maybe and perhaps.
You say it when you don’t want to give a straight answer, or use it as a cooler way of saying “maybe, maybe not”.
So what are you getting me for Christmas? That new tv I’ve been asking for?”
“Mayhaps, I guess you’ll have to wait to see.”
by PussyPisser November 5, 2020
Composed of both words 'maybe' and 'Perhaps'. It is more posh than either, usually used in a question and only when it sounds right.
'Mayhaps you should like to come out now?'
'It's a good idea, mayhaps?'
by Daonebest February 18, 2021
A very correct word that I did not come up with
Person one: did you do your homework?
Person two: mayhaps
by Lemon denim March 13, 2022
A combination of Perhaps and Maybe. Was first used by characters from The Red Dragon Pirate Tours in Port Aransas, Texas.
Should we, Mayhaps, Write to tell the teacher thank you?
A combination of words Maybe and Perhaps, a fun word used to confuse friends, a fun word if you want to be the only one that knows something.
Should we, Mayhaps, write the teacher to say thank you?