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An Albany, NY suburb of 35,000. Home to soccer moms, business dads, and preppy,
jocky, nerdy, gothic, and emo teens that mainly attend the world's largest
torture chamber, Shenendehowa Central Schools. If your looking for the bitchiest
women and cockiest guys, look no further than the "Welcome to Clifton Park"
sign. Don't say I didn't warn you if you choose to set your eyes past that sign.
Yo man, I just went to Clifton Park, and some preppy bitch was chewing out her
jocky boyfriend about staring at her friend's ass. The traffic was fucking
horrible, and there were even some preppy ass 40 year old soccer moms that were
wrinkly as hell from all those NY winters they spent in the tanning booths.
by Brant Dahoda March 13, 2009
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the most stupidest town ever with alot of stuck up people, and the biggest school ever with everyone that wheres hollister and AE. IT SUCKS really bad.
cliftonpark : town/city
by yeahh whatever August 15, 2008
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