A gorgeous girl with an amazing smile. Loves to laugh and most likely has a notebook filled with amazing dad jokes she has heard from over the years. Most Mayces’s have brown hair and green eyes. A way to identify a Mayce is by her thicc body. If you find a Mayce don’t lose her because she is total wifey material.
Hey dude, y’know about that Mayce girl?”
“Yea she’s so hot.”
by BillyBobBroski0091 July 29, 2018
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A wonderful girl with a quirky personality. She has a sense of humour that comes naturally. Some Mayce's have fake friends that stab them in the back, so it is kinda hard to gain her trust. Some Mayce's have hazel/brown eyes and/or brown/dirty blonde hair.
"Bruh, that Mayce is so funny!"
by Wwwwwowwww June 23, 2021
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A great guy who is usually very short and has red hair. Mayce is usually someone who is very funny and fun to hang around. Mayce is someone who is very lazy but can accomplish anything when he wants to, he is also very creative and very smart!!!!!
Mayce is my class mate in school!!
by AlphaWolf5300 August 23, 2021
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Sh can be nice a times but mean on other times al she thinks is that everything is about her so be careful around her and have other friends you can go to when she ditches you.
Human 1,hey who is that?
Human 2, oh that's mayce be careful she will ditch you and will come crawling back to you when she has no friends.
Human 2,and 3,oh ok thanks for the advice.
by I'm soo cool November 4, 2019
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a name that comes from a greek nation ment for a girl that is nice funny weird and likes flaming hot cheetos
mayce is very nice
by Swimmer232 October 26, 2017
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lips on a women that are very large and are mostly used to suck dick. men do not want to kiss a girl with mayce-lips because they are to big.
by jackass33 November 20, 2010
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