The definition of this day is that they are creative and and have attractive traits. People born on this day are normally quiet but they will start to open up later in life. They are also good at Maths and English but need more time to get used to the subject and they yard very sensitive.
That test score is so good! Were you born on May 19th?
by x.urban.dictionary.x November 22, 2019
The day of smoking weed, where all potheads get high and chill. Friend gather to smoke and have fun and bust missions
Someone: dude it’s may 19th, we have to go smoke weed and bust missions
by Junior Stevens October 17, 2019
It’s national give ur gf your hoodie day!!
“Hey babe it’s May 19th, *gives hoodie
by Koolkid08 May 19, 2021
National hug your gf/bf day. You know she wants to hug you deep down whether she doesn’t like the drama. Good luck!
OMG! It’s may 19th I’m gonna go hug my bf/gf.
by Thomas1253 May 19, 2021
The day that Americans thought they would boycott the gas/oil company to lower gas prices.
E-Mail: FWD-Don't buy gas on May 19th to boycott the gas/oil companies! Send this email to 20 billion others on your mailing list and get a free lobster!
by Flamez Hedgehog May 19, 2004