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Bricksqaud is a GD ( gangster disciple) from chiraq allied with wuga world
Bricksqaud i said fuck em wuga world with em so fuck em
by Xxxtentacionyungdaggerdick November 7, 2021
The song that killed raiderklan member spaceghostpurrp
Did you hear spaceghostpussy

Yeah man he killed spaceghostpurrp

Yeah denzel was like smoke all of purpp extort the dealer
by Xxxtentacionyungdaggerdick September 7, 2019
Smokepurrps pockets aee
So obese he said they have a non-existing diasese called diabetes type 10
You hear about purrps pockets

No why
They got diabetes type 10
by Xxxtentacionyungdaggerdick September 26, 2020
HK An abbreviation of headshot king started In o'block HK was none for his ability to hit a headshot after jumping off the porch to help for get back gang in response to his brother t-roy's death
Long live baby boy t-roy but can't forget hec (HK)