Relaxin to the max, has nothing to do with climax or orgasm, however, possibly following this, your maxin pretty hard. When your takin it so easy that all your words endin in ING, become only IN.
While skippin class, drinkin in the sun on your roof in the company of your friends, smoking your favourite substance, knowing you can do the same thing tomorrow, you better believe your fuckin maxin out.
by Caladonia July 30, 2006
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Eric was maxin' with all those hoes by his side.
by Erzy July 27, 2006
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A girl whose name means 'greatest' in French.

The name says it all. Maxine is the most special, amazing person you will ever meet. She is beautiful, talented, funny, intelligent, and everything you could ask for in a friend. Or in a girlfriend. Besides her many talents, Maxine is also THE hottest girl I have met so far. :D
Guy: Hey, Maxine, u r the most awesome person I have ever met.

Maxine: Aww thank u! :D
by TRBG January 5, 2010
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Maxine is the second best volleyball player after Emma. She has a handshake with everyone on earth. Maxine can make your day better in .1 second.
by hhhhjskjsh September 22, 2018
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they are literally the best person in the world. they’re so precious and sweet bye
maxine is the best person to exist on the planet called earth
by local faggot April 29, 2021
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The name of a super hot, sexy girl. Who also happens to be a great writer.
Maxine knows how to steal a heart just through some words
by CCAATTZZ November 25, 2018
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