The most amazing person ever, will stand up for what he believes and tends to be very defensive for others but doesnt care about himself enough. Tends to get on well with Catherine's, Sophie,s and Natasha's. Needs someone who will match him in arguments and who needs someone to care about them (usually for lack of care of themselves).
by KKlepd January 07, 2012
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an absolutely amazing guy. tall, funny, innapropriate, and lovable. he may hang out with some really douchey people, but he is the sweetest, kindest boy when you are talking to him alone. his jokes can be appreciated by anyone with a good sense of humor, and the fact that he is always getting into trouble despite his brains just adds to his hotness.

and even though ive said it hundreds of times, i do mean it. I LOVE HIM.
Girl 1: "Oh look, there's Max laughing with a bunch of his friends!"

Girl 2: "Probably making some sex joke. But he told me i was beautiful when we went out last weekend."
by Pan-Pan October 26, 2016
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Max is a Greek name meaning "Large Penis". Max is amazing with the ladies and is great to be around. He is funny and amazingly intelligent.
Wow, I wish I was more like Max, he's amazing!
by Koonitz July 19, 2011
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Max is special. He has this smile that just brightens up your whole day. He has a great sense of humor, and has a great taste in tv shows. He is extremely confusing, you'll never know what he honestly thinks about you, but that's okay, cause maybe you don't really need to know. Just seeing him makes you smile. He's a great guy, and whoever ends up with him is a very lucky person.
"Woah is that Drake?"
"Nah, that's just Max."
by Nerual_laureN July 26, 2014
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They are the best people ever, sensitive and understanding yet funny and can make you smile...alot...usually like to make fun of siblings who are too loud at playing video games...crazy fun to talk to and are open minded..they will always listen to you and are good at giving advice....Most lovable people ever and will always help you when you are sad......bestest best friend ever <3
"Have you seen a Max lately?"

"No, there's no one like them here. D:"
by bagellover January 15, 2012
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Max can be a handsome guy who is incredibly sweet and funny. They are beautiful both inside and out. They have a great sense of humour with a merry laugh tinkling along with it. Their eyes are a mystical colour that makes you welcome anywhere near them whilst inviting you to just be yourself even in company that you wouldn't be with. Lastly they are so damn SEXY!!!!
P1 : Who's that guy? He seems nice...
P2 : That's Max
P1 : I'm in love with that sexy beast already!
by Sexy Beast Finder November 28, 2012
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The sweetest most amazing boyfriend a girl could ever have in the world. He is cuddly, sensual, thoughtful, handsome and has the most gorgeous green eyes anyone could hope for. He spoils me and gives me more than I've ever dreamed of. Max is the guy that is strong and supportive and keeps me on my feet and motivated when I need to be but is there to catch me when I fall or when I'm sick and afraid or need help. He is the best person I've known and I want everyone to know how wonderful he is too.
max is the best kisser, sexy
by Babydoll4858 February 05, 2010
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