Mauser is a firearms manufacturing company that boomed in the 1800's under the direction of Paul Mauser and his brother Willhelm Mauser in Germany.

Mauser is most well known from two of it's designs, the Mauser 98 Rifle, and the C96 Broomhandle Pistol.

Mauser created the bolt action system as we know it today, derived from early needle operated systems. Mauser desinged rifles became the standard in most developed European nations by the late 1870's (especially in Germany) The Mauser 98, created in 1898 was, and still is considered one of the best bolt-action rifles ever. The Mauser also featured a five round internal magazine. In a conclusion from the Spanish-American war where the Mauser was being used against us, the United States also switched to using a rifle that highly copied Mauser, the Springfield m1903 The Mauser 98 and variants served Germany through two World Wars, and many third world countries continued using the 98 until the 1980's. Even today many of the most popular bolt-action rifles still use the original Mauser action.

Also, Mauser is generally credited with producing the first practical semi-automatic pistol in 1896, the C96 Broomhandle Mauser which predated the original Luger design by 2 years . Though the borchardt pistol predated it, it was too clumsy for practical use. The C96 served informally in large numbers throughout Europe throughout the World War I Europe, but by far the largest users were the Chinese which used it in large numbers beyond World War II and in many chamberings. A modified C96 was also used as the blaster pistol in the Star Wars original trilogy.

To shoot something with a Mauser rifle.

A Broomhandle Mauser pistol.
by GunCat April 23, 2006
to get one's act together, to be an absolute phenom
" Dude we have a huge exam tomorrow, we gotta mauserize and study tonight"

" We won the game today! We totally mauserized it!"
"Guys, we're running late, we gotta mauserize"
by sparklyglitter92 October 23, 2022
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Dude, I wish I was like Mauser#0001, I don't want to be a virgin anymore...
by ChadnessofMauser July 10, 2022
Put your trouser mauser away!
by Xlat September 2, 2003
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by iPlowser July 15, 2020
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A semi-automatic pistol that rarley jammed. It's magazine was stationed in the front. It was also know as the broom handle. The C-96 was first used in combat during 1916 in World War I by officers of the German Cavalry.
Mauser C-96

1. M-1916
2. The Broom Handle
3. The world's strangest and biggest semi-automatic pistol.
by Le Mans July 25, 2005