A kid that literally made out of fucking glass. Broke more shit then as many things Derek rose has injurys. Never comes to school always has an excuse
Top 10 excuses

-10 bronchitis in the foot

-9 Matt day

-8 went to go get a drink

-7 sorry guys I had to go to shop and stop with my mom and12 at night

-6 my 13 sibling were blocking the door

-5 didn't feel like going

-4 sorry didn't feel like going to school this month

-3 yeah not going to school this year just one year what's it going to do

-2 I'm dropping out I can always come back

-1 I was making my lunch until it grew arms and snapped my great
by Alex T August 16, 2016
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A Matt (or just Mat) will make the best boyfriend/guyfriend ever. With their awesome blue eyes, and heart-melting smile it's hard not to fall for them. They are different, in a beautiful way. Even though they've had a bad past, you'll never know it. They are really strong people, and they change for the better. They are there when you need them, and they value their friendships. They like to look good at times, and dress well usually. Handsome, and charming. Kinda successful at life, make great Dads. Are very good at one or two sports, but an all round sporty guy. Known to be players sometimes but when they meet that special girl, their sold. Matt's come off as tough most of the time, but deep down, their soft side comes out and you see the sweet gentleman in them. They're not popular, but not a loner either. Friends love them, and some guys want to be him. They have a really laid back attitude about themselves, but at the same time they can be the life of the party. Even though they can be a jerk at times, they mean well and are really the nicest guys ever. If you have a Matt, don't let him go. None other compares.
Girl 1: Matt is a catch he likes you
Girl 2: Yeah but idk
Girl 1: think about it hes perfect for you!
Girl 2: Yeah he is a real good Matt isn't he!
by Know it all jimmy bob June 03, 2013
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Someone who will break into your house, have consensual sex with your girlfriend, play some Xbox 360, and fuck up your day with a light saber because Matt does not give a fuck. He is an all powerful Jedi Master who makes shit levitate with his mind and can bring any girl to have multiple orgasms just by touching her cheek.
1. Damn man I think my house just got a fucking Matt in it.

2. Man you must be a Matt because I have never seen so many girls be attracted to one dude.
by Taozoo4u March 08, 2011
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A boy who is literally amazing. A guy who will always put others first, will always make you smile or laugh and will always be there for you. Brown hair and green eyes, Matt's use their accent to pull chicks but once he's found the right girl he will fall, and fall hard. He treats his girlfriend like a princess and accepts them for who they are. Matt's are smart and are referred to as nerdy although they think theyre cool. Matt's are the best to have as bestfriends, they are always there for you and always try to make to you happy. You can talk to a Matt for hours about basically nothing, sometimes not needing to talk is enough. Just being around him can make you happy. If you ever have a chance to be friends with a Matt, take it, best decision that you could ever make.
Amber: Are you close with that Matt kid?
Brooke: Yeah, we're megabestfriends because he's amazing.
by Thatkidsbestfriend June 18, 2013
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ancient greek translation for "eternal sex-god". It is beleived that anyone that holds this name has a great level of skill and ability to perform sexual acts for long periods of time. Men posessing this name are also well endowed.
Girl 1: I wish my boyfriend was a matt
Girl 2: Oh you poor thing
by orrin October 30, 2007
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a guy who has hair on his chest and gets A's on his tests.
Matt is so amazing. i want his sexy beard on my nipples.
by Danelleys November 15, 2010
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The nickname Matt derives from the name Matthew, a Greek form of the name Mattiyahu. It is often associated with Saint Matthew, one of the twelve apostles.
I didn't like the name Matthew, so I call myself Matt.
by Olivia__West January 18, 2011
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