Usually describing a male that is way out of your league. He may be a senior, and possibly may be in love with your best friend even though she betrayed him, for lack of a better word. If you are a Matt, you are probably one of the hottest guys in your school. A freshman of some sort probably likes a Matt because of his way of understanding and his abilty to make you smile no matter what. A Matt will bring you food when neccisary, and has no problem picking you up at two am if needed; therefore, a Matt is a good, (no great!) friend. A Matt has little problem sharing his opinion. Also, a Matt may have an interest in the Marines, or another branch of that sort. Matt's usually have troubled lives, but always has a friend to talk to. Generally, a Matt being as hott as he is, has girls all over him, but not always. Of course, Matts are clueless to everything that goes on around them, so they wouldnt know anyway.

A Matt is an all around good person. I'd love to date one. (If only I could...)
"Look at that Matt! If only my boyfriend could be more like him..."
by HSHS(: February 11, 2009
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A sex beast. He always has a very large penis, balls, and can do "sexual activities" longer than any other male human being. All around totally AMAZING, but is the absolute BEST at sex!
Girl 1-Wow, that guy is such a Matt!
Girl 2-I know! And he's SOOO good at sex!
by GuitarCrazyManiac February 02, 2010
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A boy who's incredible, he'll take your breath away and can make you smile at the littlest things he doesn't even know he's doing. He can make you feel those butterflies in the pit of your stomach with the sound of his voice. This boy will love you as long as you love and care about him and his problems also.
Girl 1: This boy named Matt, he made me smile the way he made fun of me on the phone.

Girl 2: Wow, that sounds like an incredible boy you've met.
by Imperfectgirl November 07, 2009
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people with this name are mostly good at sex
people with the name matt are sex gods
by weed watcher September 01, 2008
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An incredible guy. Amazing in every sense. He's a smooth-talker, but he means everything he says. He'll treat you like a princess, has an adorable laugh and a bright smile. Usually very cheerful and optimistic, despite how horrible the situation may be. Can be harsh at times for good reasons, but the amazing qualities cancel that out. The name Matt means "Gift of God".
Matt is loyal, lovable, honest, sexy, and funny.

I'm lucky to have a Matt.
by Q-tip Lover November 18, 2010
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He is handsome, intelligent, fun, funny, charming and sweet. He also has the most incredible eyes I have ever seen in my life, you can lose yourself in them. Once you get past the eyes, he has these kissable lips to die for and he sure knows how to use them! I am always starving for more.

Matt is this amazing guy. His heart is full of so much love. Once he lets you into his heart there is no escape. If you are that lucky person to get captured, make sure you never let go because he is everything you will ever want.
Matt completes me in more ways than one.
by Red Hot February 05, 2006
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