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An individual who using mathmagical powers will solve vastly complex equations, and move outside of real and non-real numbers, and instead solve using arcane numbers. Mathmagicans are a naturally occurring phenomenon, coming into existence when someone successfully divides by the number zero. Commonly heard mathmagical spells are such as, abracosinga! or Alakasum!
After hours attempting to properly engineer the building the company finally called in a mathmagician to get the proportions of the building correct within the 100 trillionth decimal place
by Jovh November 28, 2010
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Someone who uses math as a sleight of hand. A.K.A. a creative accountant
The mathmagician in the corporate accounting department made the company's quarterly loss look like a profit.
by blast0 July 29, 2010
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1: A mythical figure whom possesses math skills of a much higher level than that of an average mortal man. (Believed by some to have the ability to solve complex quadratic equations with minimal expenditure of time and/or physical exertion.)

2: One whom has the ability to go medieval on that seemingly unsolvable and obscure "The train left the station" problem's ass.
"Im no mathmagician, but 31 divided by 2 doesn't exactly perplex me."

-Dave (no mathmagician)
by The Math Merlin December 29, 2007
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n. Person with an uncanny ability to perform tricky arithmetic all calculations.

Without a calculator we'll never figure out the tip!

Too bad Gelpy isn't here. He's a real mathmagician.
by gnostic3 December 31, 2014
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Someone who is so awesome at maths they have to be using some form of magic to be that awesome.
Kid 1: "Woah, look at Alex go on that pythagorus theory shizz"
Kid 2: "Ikr, that kids a real mathmagician."
by thatguitarkid February 24, 2011
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An employee who lies on their timesheet so it appears they worked 40 hours, not the 35 they actually worked.
Beth is a math magician. She can make coming in at 10:00 and leaving at 5:00 equal 8 full hours.
by INArchitect April 10, 2015
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one who does man so well it's magical
tim: i can solve any word problem in under 6 seconds

greg: your like a mathmagician
by Slasher McGurk May 26, 2016
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