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An extremely amazing friend you don't deserve. If you know a Mathea, your life must be blessed by the gods of Awesome.
I just met a Mathea today. Shoot me, I'm not worthy!
by teavee September 04, 2009
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Matheas is a wonderful guy. His jokes and puns are the best and he will make you laugh. With beautiful eyes, hair and a gorgeous smile, he will steal your heart. He is very smart and clever, always knows what is up and is caring. Whether he is your best friend, your lover, or both, you will never want to let him go.
Matheas is loved, even if he doesn't know it. He is in his girl's heart forever.
by Ms. Courser May 19, 2016
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The most annoying and gay person you'll ever meet
I just shaked Matheas's hand, get me some soap!!
by Adam_UD May 29, 2018
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