A quirky boy, yet still very cool to be around. Excel at some kind of sport and a girl could like him but he’d never know. Has one of the best personalities and is very cute. If you like a mateo, first become friends with them. And if a mateo likes someone they should tell the girl instantly because they aren’t good at showing they’re feelings.
Mateo is actually smart but tends to act stupid
by someone tht is curly January 7, 2020
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Mateo is a very atractive and very apealing to almost every girl a well known popular person and a very talented person on his feet he has the natural gift of dancing. He Is also a very sweet loving and caring person who truly looks out for his friends and family. Hes not the tallest of the bunch but he isn't really short he has a tiny bit of a temper and can hold a grudge for quite a long while there is nobody else like him hes a 1 in a million person.
Mateo is the most creative and inspiring person I've ever seen!!.
by Mahxli_ax😂 August 26, 2017
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A very hot and sexy guy with a big bulge 😍😛! Every girl dies for him! He loves sports and is good at school! And his body is amazing
by I_Love_YOUUU December 30, 2016
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Someone who is extremely amazing. He is the most attractive guy around. You better hold on to him as long as you can. Mateo is an amazing person that has everyone drooling over him. If you ever get him, keep him as long as you can. Never lose a Mateo
Person 1: Look, it's Mateo!!
Person 2: He's so dreamy. I wish I had him!
Person 1: Same...
by StitchBear May 9, 2017
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Any Mateo is a sexy beast and a lady killer. And watch out for his huge penis. It's 12 inches long.
Girl: Wow look at Mateo huge dick
Mateo: sup girl
Girl: *organsm*
by Baller24/74days February 5, 2016
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The most incredible type of person, someone you would eventually like to marry. Distinguished by a sexy body, intelligent mind, and devastatingly good looks. A person that you love.
Who's that?

Ohhh, It's just Mateo. LOOK AT THAT ASS!
by MEAUTREAO December 28, 2010
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The most sweetest and caring male you will ever approach. His sense of humor is so loveable and so is he. Mateo always tends to look out for others and will try to cheer them up no matter what. He's also very mature yet childlike but knows how to handle problems and difficult situations when the time comes around. Mateo's voice is always very attractive in all ways possible.
Person 1: I sure do love Mateo!

Person 2: Yeah.. I really don't understand how he can dislike himself.
Person 1: I want to be just like him!
by aeesthetixx ♡ March 16, 2020
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