Mastiff is a large powerful dog that has a droopy face who loves to drool on the floor and your clothes when she comes over for a pat. She is an extremely protective family member and will challenge all intruders but is the biggest sook to those she loves.

Hagrid's dog, Fang from the Harry Potter movies is the most famous mastiff in the world.
Hey man, that mastiff is massive, can I give her a pat?

Sorry dude, you can't,she doesn't like strangers.
by All in the mind July 01, 2016
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Huge, undeterminably gigantic; gynormical
That wave was mastiff.
by wil colligan February 09, 2008
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the biggest, best, and most badass of all dog breeds.
My mastiff is 10 months old and he already weighs 100 pounds.
by jenna leigh October 24, 2007
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A huge fucking dog! That likes to steal your bed and like to cuddle and think they're a lap dog
Big ass dog!! Like huge English mastiff!!!
by Stufflover October 05, 2013
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135 pounds of short-hair nasty that will cause strangers to shit their pants while at the same time lick the hand of their owner and devour any vermin that walks its way. The PERFECT porch dog! Gets respect at the vet (you KNOW what I mean). Little girls back away, then when you say, "No, it's friendly," smother the dog with huggs. It's why you love dogs in the first place!!
Oh, shit, that thing is gonna eat me-- Oh, it's just your Bull Mastiff.
by Fdale-boy February 17, 2011
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Used when describing a woman’s breasts when sweater puppies just isn’t enough.

Typically used when a woman is buxom and wearing a sweater or jumper, with her breasts taking up a large amount of real estate in said clothing.
by Dick Buttcus October 20, 2018
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you say this when you wipe three squads in apex legends with the mastiff or when your entire squad gets wiped by the mastiff
squadmember 2: oh shit we just got killed by a solo with a mastiff
squadmember 1: mastiff legends
by 9Dash April 19, 2021
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