Being strong willed,strong in general, Not being a wimp, not being afraid to show emotions
The kid would be masculant if he wasn't afraid to show emotions.
by master123456 February 5, 2012
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Masculism is political,cultural and economic movements that advocate for the rights, equality and dignity of the male sex in an egalitarian framework.
Masculism is a natural development to protect male interests in our increasing gynocentric culture.
by princereborn June 12, 2015
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The radical notion that not all men are raping, demonic monsters but normal humans like you and me.

Masculists are for equal rights AND equal responsibilities between genders.

The main contrasts between feminism and masculism is that masculism does not embrace victimhood, doesn't want more privileges, doesn't deny the other genders needs and doesn't try to blame others for everything. Meaning no one is bad by default.

They want equal rights and equal responsibilities and neither a "patriarchy" nor a "matriarchy" but a democracy. If you dont want to steal from others , realize your shortcomings are not everyone else's fault and want to share burden and privilege between genders you are in essence a masculist (= gender equalist)
Masculism is for everyone. Don't buy into the blind hate of others.
by avjvel3jfi3fq3 August 7, 2016
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Mouvement concerned by male condition. Sometimes written masculinism.
“Masculism” designates both a movement for the defense of the rights of men and their socio-political roles and a protest movement which aims to free men from their traditional social roles.
by Richy141 December 17, 2019
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Masculating, (mass-cue-lating)

The act of strutting one's stuff online.

An overt display of masculinity generally performed by males to attract females in a chat room.

Very simular to apes beating on their chest to display their Might and draw attention to themselves, but generally done in text.

An online form of male masturbation.
"if he doesn't quit masculating himself, we're going to have to get our boots on, it's getting pretty deep"
"Oh yeah, I can run faster then that!"
"I have the fastest car"
"I can kick his ass"
"I can have sex all night without stopping"
"yes ma 'am, when it comes to size down there, I've made pony's blush" and so on..
by DjDave71 March 5, 2008
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adjective. Doing something masculine or rugged while quoting or also doing something something fabulous or not so masculine.
Bro 1 "Dude, great squat set Bra"
Bro 2 "Thanks, I owe it all to the bend and snap"
Bro 1 "You're so masculous"
by Fenn82 December 30, 2014
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1. The act of treating everyone you interact with on the internet is a male.
2. Assuming that everyone on the internet is male.
E-masculating has kept me from accidentally agreeing to hook up with strangers from the internet as they are probably all guys.
by Telemonian April 27, 2018
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