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The act of sticking a mars bar into ones vagina/anus/any other inappropriate cavity of the body besides the mouth, then eating it.
1. HER: "Hey you have a bit of chocolate in your teeth"

HIM: "Oh, yeah, I was just marsing my girlfriend."

2. HIM: "Wow, your vag tastes like mars bar."

HER: "Yeah, that would be because I was recently marsed."
by Hong Long September 26, 2009
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The act of smushing your nuts against someone. It derives its name from the fact that Marzipan is made from mushed nut paste, and also it functions as a parallel to "mooning."
He was just marsing his gym teacher, do you think he'll get expelled?!
by FrankYuji March 01, 2018
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Male response to stimuli as a result of the culmination of all thoughts and ideas which may influence a man's perception at any given time. Often contributes to serious miscommunication, especially with the opposite sex.
Thanks for taking out the trash. I mean that exactly, don't go marsing it up on me.
by JJDunn August 17, 2015
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Cheating on your boyfriend and treating him wrongly, only to deny it and continue acting like a terrible human being.
guy: hey, what's up with you and (insert name)?
guy#2: ah, he started mars-ing so i left him.
by aangelgiirl June 13, 2016
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