me: (bring two cups of drinks) i bought 242 of us

she: aww thats so sweet
by bradz2 July 19, 2020
Hottest car every produced by Volvo.
Dayum! Look at that slammed 242. That's hot.
by Brickballer June 28, 2006
Belgium based industrial band who coined the phrase EBM. Starting in the early 1980's, Front 242 were very influential in the industrial scene at the time. Later works included the use of techno elements and metal guitar samples.
EBM stands for Electronic Body Music which is another term for industrial dance. Front 242 were the original pioneers of this type of music.
by gothic_hobbbit June 17, 2008
Lil Wonton 242 is the best sound cloud rapper anyone will ever hear!
Me: Yo have you heard Lil Wonton242’s new album, that crap was fire!
Friend: Who is Lil Wonton 242, he is not even on sound cloud.
Me: I disown you as a friend :(
by Not_a_Child March 8, 2021