Mats is a name originally used on boys with extraordinary large penises! If you're a girl and are searching for one of these Mats', you will notice a Mats by his unique, handsome look. But don't worry, a Mats takes what he gets as long as it has tits and a shaved pussy.
Girl: Wanna fuck?
Mats: WTF no? You're the biggest slut at our school!
Girl: Come on!
Mats: Well, alright then... A pussy is a pussy right?


The word Mats can be used similar to the word MILF:

Girl 1: WOW, what a damn hot and handsome guy!
Girl 2: DAAAAAMN, Mats-alert!!


Girl 1: What the hell is that massive thing in his pants?
Girl 2: Chill... That's his wiener!
Girl 1: Oh, he's a Mats?
Girl 2: Indeed, let's fuck him!
by Sexy Beast 02 February 8, 2011
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Norwegian Slang For An Extremely Large Male Reproductive Organ used mostly by vulgar people for an example people at the Oslo underground stations at nights.

Also a person that is really good in school but cant really focus on helping others as he tries to do his own shit stuff.
1. His Girlfriend Loved His Large Mats as it tastes like coca-cola with cola sauce.

2. Some guys: Hey can I see how big your Mats is? The train comes soon
Morten: Sure help yourselfs

2. Adam: Can I have help with this please?
Morten: Sorry I need to focus on my own work first.
Adam: Fuck, you're acting like a Mats
by Large guy April 12, 2009
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A term used by gamers who play the popular game Fortnite as an abrreivation for “Materials”.
Dude 1: I see someone 89 North!
Dude 2: Ok I need some mats to build up there
Dude 1: Ight come here
by The Chicken Enthusiast November 4, 2018
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a kind and smart guy that likes to play games and tell jokes
i need mats! I have 200 bricks
by MalfeKukost November 14, 2018
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The words etymology is old latin and was first noticed in 840 AD by a man named Swaut Dehucon. He spent his last years writing books about words found in teen subcultures around the Roman Empire. Swaut discovered the word in Athen while speaking to the local priest. The priest told Swaut about the worst word he had heard, a word a teenager once had said while attending church. At first Swaut didn't understand why the word was a bad word, but as the priest went on, Swauts eyes opened more and more.

Swaut decided to dedicate a good 10 pages of his first book to just this word. The word "Mats". Swauts book was never finished as he passed away too early, and as the years went on the book was forgotten. 15 years later when Swauts grandaugther went up to the loft on a random ocatiow
Now to the point you have all been waiting for, what doess this mean and bad word mean? Well here it goes: A man with a small dick. The word also gives the impression of "talking down" people with small penises. Thats why the priest thought it was such a bad word.
Example 1

Girl 1 walks up to Girl 2
Girl 1 "I went out with that guy from Tinder yesterday"
Girl 2 "Ohhh, how did it go?"
Girl 1 "It was cool, until we went to bed. He was a mats ..."
Girl 2 "Hahaha"

Example 2

Guy 1 walks up to Guy 2.

Guy 2 "Whats up?"
Guy 1 "Stfu"
Guy 2 "Wtf man, why so mean?"
Guy 1 "I heard rumors that you were a mats"
Guy 1 wwalks awawy awkwardly
by Jjadfi February 23, 2017
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1. A hideout near the canteen that has now been ruined by muzzas, lebos, sevys, teachers and school dickheads.
1. Mats? Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
by PositiveMr June 14, 2009
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