White rapper that has become the phenominin known as Eminem. He brings in almost a new genre to the rap game, instead of rapping about bitches, money, clothes and the such, he actually makes songs about his life, struggles, and controversy that orbits his career. At one point he was known as Slim Shady, his alter ego if you will. Slim Shady was the more violent, rude, and darker side of Marshall that offended many people. He started off as most typical rappers do, in under ground rap battles against others in Detroit Michigan. And as most musicians do, he made mix tapes and sent them out to well known rappers, one fell into the hands of Dr. Dre, who would become his mentor and jump start his career. With his amazing vocabulary and ryming talents he has become world famous. Marshall has dropped 9 albums, Infinite, the Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers Lp, The Eminem Show, Encore, Curtain Call- The Hits, Relapse, Relapse Refill, and his latest, Recovery, ehish has had amazing sales, he also starred in 8-mile, as a character mostly based on his life, but not to be confused with his real history. In 2006 Eminem's life fell apart when Dre's mentor D.J. Funkey died, His best friend Proof, who was also part of a rap group formed by marshall known as D12, was shot and killed, and his exessive use of drugs caught up with him and he nearly died. Since then he has gone clean and we can all expect this phenominon to have more albums on the way.
Wow, I went to Marshall Mathers concert last week and his new songs blew me away!
by Inferno54 November 09, 2010
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The ultimate multiple personalities guy.
Eminem - Serious
Slim Shady - Evil/Comedy
Marshal - Personal
B-Rabbit - Freestyling/Battling
Marshall Mathers has (a) very interesting live(s)
by FЯAИK FƎOLI March 29, 2011
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Eminem's real "personality". The person who created Eminem and Slim Shady.
I'm Marshall Mathers, this rap will not be controversial, but what's the matter. So what it's my fucking style. Said Slim, who married Kim.
by ThatCrazyStan February 07, 2014
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