What happened to your nuts bro.....ehhh marrige
by Crap Weasle October 14, 2004
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Micro marriging is when your partner manages your personal day-to-day tasks with you much like a Micro Manager at work.
Wife: “Have you put the sheets out to dry and put the towels on?”
Husband: “Yes. You know I am a grown adult also used to live alone so you do not need to micro marrige me”
by Thomas Maddocks March 17, 2018
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A Minecraft series based on Marriage with a 2v2 situation, and the original cast of ImmortalHDFilms, Rachelkip,Cynthiaraa and Slyfoxhound until cynthia gradually lost interest of immortal and "divorced" him and got a replacement of mittymoxx until the last episode on season 2 which rachel and slyfox fight and they all got "divorced" and switched wifes, until, sweet lord, sly and rachel secretly date up to date now.

sweet Jesus that was a mouthful.
guy 1.Have you seen the new episode of Minecraft Marrige?
guy 2. yeah, I can't believe slyfox is cheating on mitty!
by Blue-Fang August 28, 2012
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if u are getting a Kazastanian marrige . Thant includes stuffing you in the family carpet and raping your ass til u can put a bundle of flowers in. Then the groom eats the flowers that are put in your ass
by WHat The FRICK!!!!!!! May 14, 2020
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