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a very unpleasant condition involving a curvature of the spine. for the information of the fucker who wrote the above definition, it DOES affect your life, and has caused me plenty of discomfort and pain, not least when i get asked if i'm pregnant every six months since i was 12! and standing in underwear being poked by a strange man. and wearing a back brace (ESSENTIALLY A PLASTIC CORSET) for two years.
so yes, those are the results of a severe scoliosis such as i have. and the operation wouldn't be too pleasant either. a deflated lung, a bone graft and a metal pole up your spine don't sound fun to me!
hi. it's called a scoliosis. i have one. it hurts.x
by strawberie21 December 12, 2008
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scoliosis is when your spine curves into a certain, you will have to wear a brace(this hard thing--kinda like armour.)to prevent your spine from curving to a really bad point where you will need surgery. this usually happens to girls around 12 years is a very uncomfortable feeling,very awkward, ecspecially when changing in the locker rooms. everyone stares at you saying \"what the hell are you wearing\" and they are feeling sorry for you at the same time.they give you looks like they're fuken shocked. its like your different. i have had scoliosis and i know the awkward feeling.i used to wear my brace to school becuase if i didnt,my spine would curve even more. however, i gained my confidence when i found out someone else had it too! she told me this trick to avoid people staring at you awkwardly. so what you do is tell people to punch you in the stomach because then their hands will hurt. thats when you can explain to them that you have scoliosis. its not a big deal because once you tell other girls, they can't tell anyone becuase they feel very sorry for you and everyone (in ur P.E. class...) already knows. if you have scoliosis,you can use this trick
girl1: hey, punch me in the stomach hard
girl2: ok(punches girl1 in stomach) woah you stomach is hard
girl1: lol that cuz i have scoliosis
by confident77 December 07, 2009
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Yes it is a curvature of the spine. Not just a curvature but also a rotation. Imagine stretching out a slinky and then coiling it tighter. What happens? It curls around itself. In aggressive cases it can be lethal as the curling effect means that your heart, lungs, and liver are targets from the pressure of the twisting spine. It doesn't hurt at first but as the case worsens it can be quite painful. However, back braces make for amusing punching bags or a great Tarzan impression. And yes, the PE dressing room is a bitch. Some view the braces (depending on what kind you have) as a cage or a corset with poor AC. Destroying said braces is quite cathartic. Was diagnosed and treated with braces at age nine and operated on at age 15. And again at 17 when the rods were causing severe inflammation.
Sarah: So you got scoliosis? How many Victor Hugo references have you gotten today?

Rachel: Four Victor Hugo and one Mr Hyde. The next person to call me Quasimodo is getting a fork in the eye....

Sarah: Oh come Igor, don't be such a sour puss.

Rachel: Fuckwit.
by Litbum1010 July 28, 2010
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Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine, but in very rare cases, can occur in the neck. Usually in an S or C shape. Depending on the severity of it, will depend on the pain. Usually affects girls, but boys can get it. Doctors still haven't determined why it happens. If spotted soon enough, a doctor can brace it, meaning you wear a brace on your back. This prevents it from curving more, but will not reduce the curve. But in cases where it is not spotted quickly enough, surgery is usually required to fix it, or it may cause breathing and walking troubles in the future. The surgery procedure goes like this: Once you are knocked out, they make an incision on your back, usually from the top of the spine to the tailbone. Then they straighten out the vertebrae, and place 2 metal rods on each side on the now straightened spine. They also attach screws, to keep the rods from shifting around. Then they take bone chips from your hips, and the "bone bank" and sprinkle it over the spine, so in time the bone will merge and become part of your spine. Usually when you have severe scoliosis, your shoulders are uneven, so on one shoulder they have to pull the muscles and nerves up, and on one they have to pull it down. While your recovering, most people experience muscle spasms in their shoulders. After six months is when you can start doing things like lifting, bending down, reaching up, etc. again. A full year is the full recovery.
Scoliosis IS a big deal, and DOES affect your life, whether you have the surgery or have to wear a brace, but from someone who went through the surgery, I would MUCH rather have been able to wear the brace. I had severe scoliosis at at 73 degree curve, and had the surgery. A lot of the nurses said that they had never seen a curve as bad as mine was. I had the surgery a little over a month ago. For five more months, (obviously when you first have the surgery it's six months), I can't lift anything over 5 pounds, play sports, bend down, reach up, and at school I have to bring a pillow to support my back. I have to have support on my back, so the little benches that everyone sits on at lunch I can't use, and I have to pull up a folding chair. I missed about a month of school, and still can't attend a full day yet. It's a pretty hard thing to deal with, physically of course, but also emotionally. When I see other kids able to run around, and sit comfortably, and even pick up something heavy, I get jealous. because I know I can't. But with the support of my family and friends I'm on my way to a very long, but hopefully good recovery.
by scoliosis_surviver(: March 30, 2011
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when your spine is curved in a shape of a "s" or a "c".
it is usually passed down in the family.and it does cause alot of pain.but if you do back excersises it helps reduce the pain.if you are still growing and the doctors notice it soon enough they will put you in a back brace,which is uncomfortable.
girls are known more commonly to have it.
if your spine curves are close to 45 degrees,they will suggest surgery.
I have scoliosis.I have had it for over 3 years.when I got told I had it I cried.and when I got realeased from my back brace for good I cried.
it hurts alot,and I took alot of alieve.
by sarahAshleigh July 26, 2009
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1) A condition of lateral curvature of the spine, which may have just one curve or primary and secondary compensatory curves and be fixed with a brace. unless you dont wear the brace and your spine will be curved to 50 degrees or more and you will need surgery or it will hurt.

2) the thing that common teenager girls have

3) scoliosis is the thing that causes awkwardness in the PE locker room. however, you can just say punch me in the stomach hard to scare people

4)a resource you can use to ask questions about scoliosis is it helped me alot cuz know i can change my brace in the locker room...with less awkwardness...but yea pretty awkward
its awkward and uncomfortable. yet, you can get your spine straighten. lucky for me i found a girl with scoliosis too. so its not really a big deal
by girl21star January 15, 2010
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Sideways curvature of the spine. This condition may occur from swerving the lane.
“I think my back got scoliosis ‘cause I swerve the lane (skkrrrrrr)”
by wolfga January 28, 2018
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