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A synonym for fool, can usually be spotted around Albany, NY, falling off a skateboard.
You see that guy?
Yeah, he's such a marq.
by I'mAnonymous April 07, 2008
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A super sexy guy with beautiful hair and blue eyes. He adds q to his name because he's that sexy and unique. He dates all the hottest bitches, and everyone loves him. A lover of music, piano, sexy techno, and getting laid. He's done the craziest shit known to man, but you wouldn't guess he'd be that type of wild child when you first meet him. He's clean-cut and comes from a private school. He likes to serenade women with his instrumental skills and brings them on dates to romantic hidden getaways. He has a secret lover that he loves long time, but he stays occupied in the city far away. Everyone knows he's the nicest guy around and the biggest badass at any party. He can out-wrestle, out-drink, and out-smart anyone in a minute.
I think a marq just walked into the room, I want him.

Look at marq downing a beer bong of vodka! What a badass!!

Marq has such a hott girlfriend, soo jealous.

Have you seen Marq's new haircut, sexy.
by tasian09 February 02, 2010
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a hot guy that got w/ an ugly girl and stayed w/ her because he thinks nobody likes him when about 50 girls do.
by malora May 05, 2003
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A sanctimonious ass who doesnโ€™t pay his debts. Someone who although claims to be following the 12 steps has missed several and has failed to make the proper amends.
Itโ€™s a shame that guy has become such a huge douche, I liked him so much more when he was a drunken degenerate coke head, at least then he had an excuse for being such a Marq.
by calls it like it is February 02, 2010
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