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To be ‘Markled’ is when a new friend appears in your life, bombards you with attention and favor requests, once you are secure in the friendship things settle down, however, after a period of no communication you attempt to contact your friend only to be ignored and ghosted without warning, explanation and every avenue of open communication is now closed and you are effectively deleted from the friends life once you have served your purpose and are no longer of any use to her as she has now ascended the next rung of the social ladder.
Friend A: How’s is your friend Meghan doing? Are you looking forward to her party?
Friend B: What party? Wait? I’ve texted and called her but she must be busy...

Several months later......

Friend A: Have you heard from Meghan?
Friend B: Not for months and she has deleted all the pictures of us together and is quoted as saying she doesn’t know me....
Friend A: Damn, you got Markled.
by GigiPretty September 01, 2020
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To abandon someone or something after they’ve contributed to your life in a meaningful way
“Wow, did Meghan really markled her father after he paid her college tuition?”
“Did you know she markled her best friend after hearing the news about her?”
“I can’t believe she would Markle the royal family after all the clothing, money, and attention that she used them for.”
by Pleasemegxit October 04, 2020
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To be absolutely 'Markled'. When being an incredibly rich, good looking famous royal is just too stressful for life and you need to take a several weeks break in Canada to get away from everything.
"Sharleen, I'm absolutely Markled after today" - Jess tells her best mate on their 2 week Thai beach holiday

"You know what, today has got me absolutely Markled" - Hollie tells her boyfriend after a big night out in Sugarhut and spending the day eating Maccy D's in her pyjamas.
by Stratin January 17, 2020
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